Turn Your Spare Space In To The Ultimate Man Cave

March 21, 2014

Have you got a spare room or basement?

How many of you have a spare room or basement that is just filling up with junk after being neglected and unused for years? We think it’s safe to say that a few of us have an attic, a room, loft, garage or basement that is simply gathering dust, but we also think it is safe to suggest that you should do something fantastic with this space.

How can you make good use of this space?

There are tons of different things you can do with a bit of vacant space, but isn’t it about time you did something just for you? Creating a man cave or playroom can be a rewarding process and is of course well worth every penny you spend getting it sorted.

In recent years space has become more precious than ever and more men are demanding a private sanctuary that they can call their own.

Having a space to call your own can boost your relationship

So ladies, if you can’t stand being forced to watch the football, rugby and F1 any longer, then we can help you transform that dusty spare room of yours into a man cave your husband will love. Not only will you have that dreaded clear out you’ve been meaning to have for about two years, but you will also have some football-free space for you to watch Loose Women or Made In Chelsea, or whatever it is you girls watch.

Here’s how…

Having a space of your own is the ultimate gift for partners as it can strengthen a relationship and provide a special place to unwind. This type of freedom and space is the key to a healthy and balanced relationship. For men, a man cave is a place that they can take off their stiff suit, drop it on the floor without it becoming a problem, kick up their heels and relax with an ice-cold beverage before having to return to the real world. It is a place for total and utter relaxation… that is until the game starts anyway, but you get the idea.

To help you get started we’ve put together a little project guideline for you to consider. These simple steps will help you to create the perfect man cave for your home.

Step 1. The Clear Out

Before you do anything you need to clear out the rubbish you’ve got hiding away in there. Throw as much away as possible, but if you’ve simply got too much stuff and nowhere else to store it you might like to consider self-storage options. Once you’ve done this you can start by hoovering away those cobwebs and scrubbing the skirting boards.

Step 2. Put A Lock On The Door

Before you go about making this space your own, or your husbands, then be sure to put a lock on the door. Every man cave needs a lock on the door. After all, you don’t want your kids getting hold of the remote control or treading on that dart you failed to get in the board!

Step 3. A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Because of the fact that this is a man cave, it needs to be a reasonably dark room. A new lick of paint will do the room wonders and will transform it into something completely different. Try to stick with dark blues, greys, reds and browns.

Step 4. Pimp It Out

There are several items you need to pimp out your man cave. You need a flat-screen TV (essential) to watch the games on, you need a comfy sofa, a pool table, some bean bags and any other boys toys you can think of. Try to keep wooden flooring if possible or put down laminate to stop spillages becoming an issue. However, be sure to add a rug, maybe sheepskin, to keep you snug in the winter.

Step 5. Set The Mood

If your man cave is situated in the basement or loft then it’s likely the lighting is harsh. Lighting is an important element when it comes to setting the mood so try to install a dimmer switch on your lights, this would be ideal for a man cave, but a retro alternative would be large lava lamps.

Step 6. Stock It Up!

Invest in a mini-fridge to store beers and pork pies, or whatever it is that tickles your fancy. This way you don’t have to have an argument or repeated rock, paper, scissors every time anyone wants a beer!

Step 7. Break It In

It’s time for you to show off your new creation to all your friends. Hold a cave warming party if you have too, but be prepared for a tiny bit of jealousy amongst the lads. We can’t wait to see how many people have been inspired by this post. If you’re one of them share your story with us today using the comments section below or via our social media networks.

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