Weird and Wonderful Storage Finds

Storage units can be used for all kinds of things – not everything of course, since there are exceptions – but some owners do keep some weird things in there. Most of these finds are discovered when people stop paying for their self-storage space and it gets auctioned off unseen to the highest bidder. You hear about this kind of thing a lot in America and boy, have they found some unusual items over the years!

For instance how about stepping inside the unit you just paid for and discovering there were hundreds of records by Michael Jackson inside? This may not sound too amazing by itself but these records were unreleased – no one had ever heard of them before. Now that’s what we call a good find!

Another amazing find also occurred in America and concerns a discovered manuscript written by the well-known author Pearl S. Buck. The Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner (the first American woman in history to win the award) died in 1973, and nobody expected to find any work that she hadn’t published. However, The Eternal Wonder, a coming-of-age story about a boy who travels from New York to North and South Korea, was discovered in an unpaid storage unit in Texas, and will now be published in October in a move sure to delight many of Buck’s fans – it’s the kind of find storage hunters dream of, and the finder could potentially have made a decent sum from selling the manuscript, but the price it was eventually sold for, by all accounts, was relatively modest. Perhaps they were a literature lover who just wanted to see the book published?

It just goes to show how many odd things can be left in storage or turn up in storage at some point. We’ve covered some of these before but we think the Michael Jackson find has to be one of the best ones of all. What would your idea be of a great find in a storage unit?

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