Weird & Wonderful Things In Self Storage #10

October 3, 2011

Do you play golf? Me neither, but for some folks – golf rocks their world. They live, breath and sleep the sport that involves knocking a small white ball around wooded areas, interspersed up by grass. Golfers are well known for buying lots of new equipment for their chosen pastime. They can’t possibly walk past the pro-shop without purchasing something that will improve their game. Whether its new fancy golf balls, tees, golf shoes, bags or even electric trolleys, they just can’t resist the lure of a new golf gadget – even if they don’t need it.

One such fanatical golfer at Lok’nStore’s storage centre in Sunbury had so much golfing paraphernalia at home that he decided to start an eBay business from his hobby. He buys all types of 2nd hand golf equipment which he then sells online to other addicted golfers. But what started as an attempt to just de-clutter his garage, has now turned into another income. He found such a huge market for low cost, good quality golfing equipment that he has turned it into a part-time business, run from home.

As Doug’s new business expanded, so did the collection of 2nd hand golf equipment at his house. The garage that he had intended to clear, was now overflowing and he needed help. Golfing enthusiast Doug said:

“It got to the stage where I couldn’t move my stock around to get to items I had already sold. The choice was to stop my new enterprise, or find some way of making more space.”

He had a look around at his local storage options and decided that Lok’nStore ticked all the boxes. He rented one of Lok’nStore’s smaller 35sqft units but has since increased the size to a 100sqft unit as his business has expanded.

“Lok’nStore’s low-cost self-storage has helped me to increase my income by starting a business. The only problem is that I’m so busy nowadays – I haven’t got any time to play golf!”

If you have a small eBay business, that is gradually taking over your home – call Lok’nStore self-storage for help and great free advice.

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