Weird & Wonderful Things In Self Storage #12

March 14, 2012

One of Lok’nStores newest customers has been generating lots of noise at one of our five self-storage facilities in Hampshire. His collection of guitars has taken up permanent residence in one of our 50sqft self-storage units after his wife got fed up with them cluttering up the living room of the family home! With a baby now on the way – ‘guitar man’ also realised that a toddler may cause havoc with his precious collection, and so, called upon Lok’nStore to solve his problem. He has over 50 guitars in all shapes and sizes including acoustic and electric guitars plus banjos and a ukulele. He has used his storage space at Lok’nStore very cleverly by putting up racking to store away his prized musical possessions – making full use of every last inch of space in his storage unit. His beloved guitars (the word guitar comes from the Greek word ‘kitharra’ and refers to the island of love and poetry: Cythara) are his absolute pride and joy (so his wife says) and he can be seen at Lok’nStore most days on his way home from work, swapping one guitar for another. He takes full advantage of the fact that he can come and go as much as he wants without it costing him any extra money or special fees. He takes a couple of guitars home with him every few days, so that he can practise, and has on occasion, also had a jam at Lok’nStore.

One of the many reasons ‘guitar man’ decided to use Lok’nStore was because of the safety and security aspect at all of our self-storage facilities across the South East. He was very pleased to find out that Lok’nStore is always fully staffed during opening hours, and when closed, the storage centres are all fully alarmed and all protected by CCTV.

  • Our customers tell us they are ‘comforted’ by the knowledge that there is a friendly member of staff on hand at ‘all times’ during opening hours, and they feel much safer knowing that they are not the only person at the storage facility.

If you are having problems with clutter in your home, or even if you have a large unmanageable collection; we can help. Call your nearest Lok’nStore today for an informal, free, friendly chat with one of our staff who ‘will’ solve all your clutter and storage problems. We are is the solution to your clutter problem: contact us today! Call our freephone direct line on 0800 587 3322 or visit to find your nearest storage location.

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