Weird & Wonderful Things In Self Storage #5

May 23, 2011

Self storage for bikes, lots of bikes!

You may not consider the storage of bikes at Lok’nStore to be neither weird nor wonderful, but how about if it was storage for thousands of bicycles? One of our long term storage customers recycles old unwanted bikes, which are then sold to brand new homes. Some of the bikes that end up in his workshop have been rescued from the local canal and some have come from local car-boot sales. What they all have in common; is they are all unwanted but end up at one of our biggest storage facilities. After a little magic, they are serviced and cleaned and brought back to life again, ready to ride the roads of the UK.

Time for a storage/bike joke…

Two men are riding along on a tandem bike which they have just got from a Lok’nStore storage centre, when suddenly, the one on the front slams on the brakes, gets off, and starts letting air out of the tires.

The one on the back says: “HEY! What are you doing that for!?”

The first guy says, “My seat was too high and was hurting my butt. I wanted to lower it a bit.”

So the one in the back has had enough. He jumps off, loosens his own seat, and spins it round to face the other direction.

Now it’s the first guy’s turn to wonder what’s going on. “What are you doing?” he asks his friend.

“Look mate,” says the rider in the back, “if you’re going to do stupid stuff like that, I’m going back to Lok’nStore!!”

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