Weird & Wonderful Things In Self Storage #7

July 7, 2011

Customers of Lok’nStore use self-storage services for all sorts of reasons, but one of the biggest and most important reasons is ‘security.’ Knowing that your treasured goods are safely and securely locked away in your own private steel storage unit (room), is very important and provides peace of mind to all.

For collectors (especially), secure storage is even more important. They may have taken years to build a collection of objects or memorabilia that could have involved many hours of research and travel. If you then take into account the cost of actually buying the items, a collection could cost hundreds, if not tens of thousands of pounds or even more!

Take one such collector who has just rented a 25sq ft storage unit (room) at an undisclosed Lok’nStore storage facility. This new customer has a vast and incredibly valuable collection of wristwatches from all around the world. His collection includes some of the most fantastic and beautiful wristwatches ever made in Switzerland, France, and Germany. He was looking for a safe place to store his collection, without making too much fuss, and without too much expense. After looking into a number of storage locations he settled for a unit with Lok’nStore for one particular reason – security. He knows that his collection of wristwatches, is safely locked into his storage unit and that only ‘he’ has a key for it. He also knows that while the storage facility is open; it ‘always’ has friendly Lok’nStore staff on-site to discreetly keep an eye on things. He also knows that once the storage centre is locked for the night, his collection is alarmed, and safely locked away in a secure building that has 24hr CCTV coverage. There will be nobody wandering around the facility in the middle of the night (why would you want to?) doing who knows what?

Any collection big or small, weird or wonderful is safe and secure at Lok’nStore, regardless of its monetary value. Give your nearest local self-storage facility a call for more information, or if you feel that you would like to have a look around a Lok’nStore centre visit our storage locations page on our website.

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