Weird & Wonderful Things In Self Storage #9

August 23, 2011

Spurs being rubbish again reminded us of a customer we have at Lok’nStore who stores thousands of football programs. He has a storage unit at our Farnborough location where his collection is carefully racked away in archive boxes. He trades in all types of football and sporting memorabilia via eBay and other online and offline auctions. The storage he has at Lok’nStore enables him to keep his home life, and small business life separate.

If you’re a big football or sports fan with a collection of precious memorabilia or maybe too many footie programs, how about tackling you’re nearest Lok’nStore Centre for a box or two. We have a wide range of suitable boxes for archiving and storage from just £2.50 and we hit the back of the net with our low prices for Household & Business Self Storage.

Come on!! He shoots…he scores…better go to Lok’nStore!

Competition time!

What year did Spurs last win the championship? I’ll give you a clue…… T.V was still in black and white. The 1st person to email me the correct answer wins nothing, a bit like Spurs.

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