What Lies Behind the Self-Storage Doors?

Self-storage units are all pretty much the same on the outside. All the doors look the same, except for perhaps having different padlocks depending on which ones the individual owners want to use.


And yet behind each identical door is a different story. You never know what lies behind each one and that is part of the curiosity and charm these units bring out in people. One might contain all a person’s belongings while they travel thousands of miles around the world to explore undiscovered countries. Another might have a person’s belongings in it as a result of a divorce. A third could have a small business operation behind the door, with stock, packing materials, paperwork and other essential items that need to be packed up and sent out to customers.

Of course when you have a self-storage unit of your own, you will be the only person that knows every intricate detail of what lies behind your own particular door. In the case of every other door you walk by on the way to your own storage unit, well… you can let your mind wander and ponder the likelihood of what is in each one. Some may rarely be visited while others, especially those owned by small businesses, may have people there every day to handle orders and manage the stock.


In a sense, while most storage units look the same on the outside, there are many stories here to be told. We just don’t know what they are, thanks to the security and privacy offered to each and every self-storage renter. It’s quite a fascinating concept really when you think about it – each space plays host to secrets no one else will ever know. How far would you let your mind run riot when looking at those doors?


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