Where Do You Put Years Worth of Business Records


Ah yes, the age-old question (and challenge) for those of us with our own businesses. It’s great to strike out on your own and set up your own business, but with it comes many a challenge you need to be ready to face.

One of those challenges is trying to work out where to put the ever-increasing piles of paperwork any business generates. Even though some things are now automated and sent by email, you may still need paper copies of many things to prove what was earned or spent and when.

To begin with you’ll probably have some office space, maybe a filing cabinet, where all these records can be stored. It’s when a few years go by and those records start mounting up that you’ll start wondering how many more filing cabinets you can fit in that office of yours. In fact if you are sitting among a pile of papers reading this and nodding, you know there has to be another solution. You just have to find it.


And we have it right here for you – self-storage space you can choose to use whenever you need it. This can start from storing just one box and it can go all the way up to renting a huge space as big as 200 square feet in size. Although we’d hate to think what it would be like trying to file that much paperwork. Ouch.

So the answer here is to store all that paperwork off-site. If you have lots of it you can reduce office rental costs to a minimum since you will only need it to work in and not to store things you rarely if ever look at. You can keep the latest years’ worth of records there but that’s all you should need. Everything else can be popped into secure storage so you know exactly where to go if you ever need it.

One final tip – if you do decide to go for the self-storage option, make sure you go through everything first, file it away in order and label it properly. Even though you may reach your storage space and be sorely tempted to chuck everything in there and lock the door, you’ll regret it when you return. Cut down the amount of time it will take to find things again by filing it away using a system you’ll understand. You’ll thank us for suggesting that one day!


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