Where You Store Your Boat In The Winter Matters More Than You Think

Where do experienced boat owners store their vessels?

No matter where you live or how often you use your boat, at some stage all boat owners will face the dilemma of where to store your boat when winter falls. Having a boat to take care of is almost like having another child, tough if that’s a little too far-fetched you could say it’s just as much responsibility as having a pet dog.

Not only do you need to ensure you have safe storage arranged for the winter, you also need to store it somewhere when you go on long trips, when a sudden storm approaches or when you don’t plan on using it for some time. Many new boat owners find this concept a difficult one to grasp. They find the task inconvenient and unnecessary and are often unwilling to make a decision about where to store it when the time comes.

Having to make a hurried and unexpected decision about spending money on boat storage is one you want to avoid as much as possible. If you fail to find a safe place for it to stay your boat may end up seriously damaged or completely destroyed, so it is important that owners arrange storage solutions as soon as they purchase their new boat. Being organised is a bonus when it comes to boating – it means that you don’t have any added stresses to take care of when you’re already busy with upcoming Christmas celebrations and a nine-to-five job.

Which storage solution best suits me?

Plenty of boat owners choose to store their beloved boats outdoors. The reason people pick this option is simply down to laziness. This option isn’t necessarily the best option when considering the boat’s health, but it is convenient. Most people that choose to use the outdoors to store their boat choose this option because it means they can have easy access to a lake, meaning it takes little to no effort to move it and get it going. Although this option is a great one to have as it means you can take part in spontaneous boat activities, for those of you that do not leave near water it means leaving your boat stranded on its own for long periods of time.

Some boat owners simply cannot afford to dock their boats on a lake permanently. Alternatively they decide to store their boats in their own homes. Many people use their backyards or garages as a solution, but if you live in a flat or shared accommodation this may not be suitable for you. A lot of boat owners just simply do not have the room to store such a large item in their garden or on their private property, which is why other storage options are used frequently.

Why is it dangerous to store my boat outside?

Before we move on, it is important to note that leaving your boat outside, whether it is on the lake or in your backyard, is dangerous. An unexpected storm could take you by surprise and as a result your boat could be ripped to pieces alongside any other boat that is near it. When you leave your boat sitting outdoors for long periods of time it will begin to rust and deteriorate as it is relentlessly fighting against the elements. The damage that is caused will be yours to cover, and boat repairs are often expensive.

Why is self storage a good alternative?


Self storage facilities eliminate the risk of any of these things happening and although you do have to pay a small fee to store your boat you will save plenty of money just by not having to make any repairs. Self storage facilities are great for a number of reasons. Not only can you rest assured knowing your boat is safe and sound, you will also be able to find a storage unit local to your home or your favourite lake. Indoor boat storage facilities are often spacious, giving boat owners a proper chance to maintain their boats.


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