Why Do Temporary Self-Storage Lockers Become Permanent?

Plenty of people rent self-storage spaces temporarily. It might be during a house move to keep the costs of moving down and to make sure the new property doesn’t become overwhelmed with possessions. If you’ve ever moved into a new home you’ll know how it feels to have countless boxes stacked around for days afterwards while you try to find the kettle and the biscuits.

But it seems like more and more people are renting for the long-term. One figure put the average rental period at around five years. Clearly that’s a lot longer than the average person needs to move home and settle in. It also points to a trend towards more people having long-term storage space – space they can use for all kinds of things. It seems to be that once you have a space like this, you find fresh reasons to carry on using it.


Maybe the minimalist look that has been the new ‘in-thing’ has led to this situation occurring. After all, most of us have too much in the way of possessions to be able to do anything minimalist at home. Even with good storage options we can’t seem to fit it all into the confines of our homes. So if we want to achieve that minimalist look something has to give. That something usually results in finding storage outside the family home, so you can still own all the things you want to without struggling to fit them in.

So it’s worth being aware that even when you rent a storage space temporarily, there is a good chance that rental could become a more permanent fixture in your life. This could just turn out to be a good thing to have too, as you’ll find more and more reasons to use it.


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