Why run a business from a self storage unit?

May 26, 2014

Although self-storage units were originally created to give exasperated homeowners somewhere to store the things that were taking up too much space at home but which they didn’t want to get rid of, they can fulfill a number of other functions as long as you’re prepared to pay the rent on them.

While you can use them to escape the hassle of daily life to read, relax or sleep (though it’s frowned upon to move into a storage unit), there has been a rise in the amount of small and medium-sized businesses using them as bases to work out of. There are a number of reasons why it makes sense on pretty much every level to work this way if it’s logistically feasible for you to do so.

Storage unit rental prices are cheap

The number-one concern, to be honest, is the price – the bigger the space you’re hiring, the more expensive the rent will be, but there’s no council tax or overheads that need to be considered so it’s generally a win-win situation as far as your finances are concerned.

Contract flexibility is a key consideration

There’s usually only a month’s notice that needs to be given by either party, so if things aren’t going well or you decide you want to make a change with regard to the way the business is being run, you can do so with the minimum of fuss.

They’re perfect for mail-order businesses

If you’re a mail-order business, you don’t need a shop or actual premises (you could run it out of your home if you wanted to) and since you’ll be storing your stock in the unit indefinitely anyway, it makes sense for you to use the unit to package them up and keep them until you have to send them off to customers who have ordered something.

You’re not restricted on size

If you start out in a small unit, that’s fine – that might be all you need to start off with. However, if the business grows, it’s good to know that there are bigger units in the same complex you’ll be able to move into if you want to. Conversely, if the business doesn’t grow and you need to downsize, you can move into a smaller unit as well. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, though.

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