Why Self-Storage Is Ideal For Gap Year Students

April 24, 2014

These days taking a gap year when you’re a student is pretty common. Many students decide to take a gap year at some time during their studies, all with different aims and wishes. Some take the time out to spend a year abroad in the hope of learning more about themselves, while others volunteer because they want to learn more about the world and broaden their horizons. Some just want to party! Either way, with the end of term approaching pretty quickly, all the stuff you have accumulated over the last few years needs to be considered.

Students are always eager to take on new challenges, but due to the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to make sure students make productive use of their time out. Often students are still very much reliant on their parents whilst they are studying and it isn’t until they are on the verge of joining the working world that they will really be able to provide for themselves. However, a large number of these students are feeling trapped and are eager to gain some independence.

Living independently is of course a good start. Although many students are living on loans or the Bank of Mum and Dad, a lot of them are learning how to do things for themselves. They are learning about how to save and budget money, how to cook and how to overcome challenges on their own.

Opting for self-storage as a gap year student means that you no longer have to clutter your parents’ house and you won’t have to keep paying rent for a flat or room you are not even using. Self-storage enables students to move around independently without feeling like they are burdening any family members in the process and most importantly, without them having to spend a huge amount of money to store their belongings in a safe environment.

Self-storage is an ideal answer for many students planning a gap year, as it is flexible and affordable. You don’t have to plan in advance when you are coming home, you can simply rock up whenever you like and pick up your stuff from your very own unit. The great thing about self-storage is that you never feel tied down. If you no longer want to keep your self-storage unit for whatever reason there will be no strains or stresses, as you are never asked to enter into any long-term contracts.

The units can even be shared with your housemates if you are looking to cut costs down even more. If you and a friend are travelling together it might be a good idea to share one unit to store your belongings. You’re sure to have ample room and the price you end up paying will be minimal, which is, of course, something all students love to hear!

You can store pretty much whatever you like with us, from clothes to kitchen appliances and everything else in between. This also saves your parents from having a snoop through your belongings too, which is obviously always the desired option to have.

It is also important to consider that many parents tend to downsize when you first leave home, so it is likely they will be more willing to help you out with storage fees compared to paying the rent for a room you are no longer using.

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