Your Own Private Library

December 14, 2014

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to rent a storage space, as we’ve found out before. Storing old books you don’t want to part with is a big reason for some people; we bet you can find books in a large percentage of storage lockers and spaces if you had a look.

But how about actually creating a private library to enjoy? Have you ever thought about that before?

It isn’t actually that hard to do. You’ll need some shelving of course if you’re going to do it properly. You might also want to spend some time cataloging or arranging your books (if you have plenty of them) into different areas and subjects. Do you have a couple of favourite authors you love to read? Put all their books together so they’re easier to access. Keep the top shelves for books you don’t read as much and all the most popular ones at eye level.

Now it sounds more like a library, but you can create your own little reading nook as well. Grab a nice armchair – may be second-hand, or maybe one you’ve seen in a store – and position it in a nice cosy spot. Now you need a rug too – how about one of those multi-colored ones you often see in posh stately homes? Anything you like will do, especially since it will jazz up the floor a bit. Add a reading light or two and you’ll have somewhere quiet and relaxing to escape to when you are in need of some ‘me time’.

You may never have thought of using a storage space like this. But as you might imagine, it doesn’t take too much time or space to get things looking good. And as a personal space for relaxation, you really can’t beat it.

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